Download Truck Explorer v5.9 (2018 June)

Truck Explorer diagnostic & programming software for heavy-duty trucks, buses and industrial engines. Mercedes, MAN, Detroit Diesel, IVECO, MAZ, KAMAZ, SETRA, OMNIBUS, COBUS and others.

Diagnostic software for heavy-duty trucks, buses and industrial engines.

The diagnostic software module for Mercedes, MAN, CLAAS, MAZ, KAMAZ, IVECO, Detroit Diesel, SETRA, OMNIBUS, COBUS trucks, buses and industrial series engines.

Supported models equipped with PLD (MR), MCM, MCM2, MCM2.1, ACM2, ACM2.1, FFR, PTM, FR/CPC/ADM/VCU, VCM, EDC, BCM, ZBR, EBS modules

Years: 1996 - 2018

What's new in 5.7:

  • IVECO ignition bug fixed. OBD
  •   MCM/ACM checksums are calculated correctly now

  •   VeDoc parameters can be edited manually now (sometimes necessary for ACM/MCM)

  •   bug in MAZ/KAMAZ "Detect units" fixed

  •  bug in MCM/ACM "Read faults" fixed

  •  translations for German, Turkish updated


To use this new version of VEI device and valid Support & Update subscription are required.

2018-03-20 (C) Dielektrik UAB