Truck Explorer DoberMAN

Truck Explorer DoberMAN consist of functions, especially for MAN trucks.
Truck Explorer DoberMAN consist of functions, especially for MAN trucks.

Short description:

Includes licenses:

MAN KEYS Key programming on MAN FFR and PTM.
Parring EDC with PTM, EDC with FFR, MS6 with FFR
2 MAN FFR MAN FFR memory R/W. OBD and DC2
3 DC2 Operations by Direct Connection 2U tool.
Hardware kit included
4 FFR BSL MAN FFR - Flash & EEPROM Read / Write in BSL mode
5 Update/support 12 months updates & support subscription

Includes hardware: 

1 VEI V6 WiFi device
2 USB A to USB B
3 Micro USB-USB type A
4 OBD2F-4-MN12 (MAN)
5 DirectConnect 2U tool with ISP port
6 DC2-ISP1 cable  for BSL mode
7 DC2-OBD2-Power cable 
8 DC2-TransReader13 for transponder ID12, ID13
9 DC2-FFR cable

Support and updates for 12 months are included.

Available additional cables for paring on table:
DC2-FFR+EDC7 cable     290 eur
DC2-PTM+EDC7 cable     310 eur